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Illinois Yield Data

In 2004, five orchardgrass varieties were entered in a University of Illinois forage yields trial. The trial was seeded on April 3rd, 2004 on silty-clay loam in Urbana, IL. Fertilizer applications were 50 lbs of N 30 days before each harvest. While the 3-yr total for each variety is statistically equal, it is worth noting that Persist was the highest-yielding variety in the third year. If the trial had continued for multiple years, we would expect Persist to remain at the top of yield performance.

University of Illinois

Forage Yields

Urbana, IL



Cultivar2005 Yields2006 Yields2007 Yields3-Yr Total
Takena 24.247.46*5.15*16.84*
*Statistically equal to the top score.