Persist Orchardgrass

Persist Equals Profit!

Higher Yields = More Profit

Persist provides higher yields; up to 8-9% higher over many varieties, such as Potomac and Hallmark. See hay yields to learn more. The following calculations, using Persist and Potomac illustrate how Persist provides more profit for hay producers:


  • Harvest at 4 tons/acre of Potomac with market value (MV*) of hay at $110/ton: $440
  • Harvest at 4.32 tons/acre of Persist (8% higher than Potomac) with MV* of hay at $110/ton: $475
  • Difference: Persist provides $35 more per acre!


  • Cost of Persist: $2.50/lb*
  • Cost of Potomac: $2.00/lb*
  • Seeding rate: 20 lbs/acre for new seeding.
  • Difference: Seed cost is only $10 more per acre!

Net Profit

$35 more profit less $10 more cost = $25 more profit/acre!

*Prices shown may not reflect your actual market price. Use your own market figures to calculate your potential savings.

Longer Persistence = More Profit

Persist lasts longer! See persistance data. This means fields don’t need to be replanted or overseeded as often. How much does it cost to overseed an acre (at 10/lbs acre)? It is the cost of new seed PLUS the cost of re-seeding.*

  • Cost of new seed (Potomac): 10 x $2: $20
  • Cost of labor/equipment to re-seed: $15
  • Total Cost of re-seeding: $35

Net Savings

For every year that you don’t have to re-seed, you may save $35 or more per acre!

*This does not include counting the risk cost of new plantings and any revenue lost from depleted yields, fallow ground, crop loss, etc.

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